The great Charlevoix region is characterized by a long and beautiful tradition of hospitality. Domaine Frais Air is no exception. It has been offering chalet accommodation since the 1950s. The site has its origins in the Seigneurial Regime when Lord Malcom Fraser reigned over the premises. The ancestral house where our office is located is the oldest residence still standing in the village of Cap-à-l’Aigle. It was built around the 1816 by John Fraser, then Administrator of the Seigneurie Mount Murray.

In 1991, Benoît, Louise and Marc-André Gauthier, three members of the same family, purchased Domaine Frais Air from the Desmeules family, who started the business and operated the chalets for two generations. Major renovations and the construction of new chalets went on for several years. Today, there are 13 chalets and one ancestral apartment open all year-round.

After 26 years of outstanding operations by the Gauthier family, it is our turn to take over the family business. Thus, on May 1, 2017, Josée, Mélina, Andrée-Anne and Marie-Ève Gauthier, the daughters of the Gauthier brothers, became the new owners of the company.

Taking the reins of the family business has always been part of our wishes and we have been working on this project for several years. We were all raised on the site and took our first steps into the workforce here. We have developed an unconditional love for the business and a growing interest in the tourism industry. We have a profound desire to rise up to the entrepreneurial challenge and we strive to contribute to the well-established tradition of hospitality in Charlevoix.

1st and 2nd Gauthier generation

New owners : Josée, Andrée-Anne, Marie-Ève, Mélina