At Domaine Frais Air, taking care of our environment and future generations is more than a commitment: it is part of our mission. We are continually implementing actions and initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint.

Refundable Beverage Containers
Refundable beverage containers are collected and returned. Once a year, the money is donated to local non-profit organizations. The Charlevoix Community Aid Service and the Ressource Genesis have received our support in the past. This year, we supported the local High School Environmental Committee. Recycling is worth its weight in gold!

Getting Fresh Sheets and Towels During a Stay
During your stay, we are not systematically changing sheets and towels for two reasons: for ecological reasons and to preserve the privacy of our clients. Clean sheets and towels can be obtained at the reception, upon request, and at all times.

Bulk and Local Cleaning Products
Most of the cleaning products we use for maintenance are environmentally friendly and made in Quebec. The dish soap and multi-purpose cleaner containers in the chalets are reusable. This allows us to reduce the amount of plastic we consume. Individually wrapped soap bars were phased out in 2020 to make way for the three-in-one liquid soap (body, hands and hair).

It is now possible to compost organic waste while staying with us. To facilitate the sorting process, the compost bin is located near the waste bins and recycling bins, behind the office building.